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New Mexico
Hello, everybody!

And thank you to Laine for creating this community. :)


Sooo... I was recently in New Mexico for work. Cut due to biggish picturesCollapse )

A New Jerseysians Tourist Trip to the Jersey Shore
A New Jersey guy going to the Jersey Shore? What's so exciting about that you say? Well I have lived in New Jersey my entire life but I have never been down the shore. So for me this was a first and I figured I would share it with all of you!

Myself and fuckr went down one sunny weekend a while ago. For those of you that don't know even though Jersey is a small state it is still a farily long drive for us. For those of you that don't know by looking at that route the Garden State Parkway is actually a privately owned road! That's right it receives no funding from taxpayer money and on top of that if you need a tow you must use either their private towing service or "certified" garages! Crazy huh? I don't know of any other roads like this but if any of you do please feel free to share!

When traveling down the shore it's best to do things very early in the morning (7:00 AM) or closer to lunch (12:00 PM) the reason being is that most people get up at 9:00 AM and drive down and it takes them usually an hour or two because all of the other people on the road. This time we chose to leave at 10:00 because it was a Sunday and it was sort of rainy, so we figured, who would want to go down the shore on a day like this? Well apparently a lot of people! We had about an extra 20 minutes added to our trip, no worries.

Now all the Boardwalks and Beaches "Down the Shore" here in Jersey are privately owned and operated. They will let you on the boardwalk for free, since that is also where their revenue comes from, but to go on the beach you have to pay a fee depending on your age. Elderly People and Children cost the least to get on and Adults cost the most, I assume this is because if adults come into trouble they can use the eldery and children to form some sort of life saving raft or flotation device, but that's just my theory.

Once on the Beach you will notice a wide breadth of people:

There are also usually a lot of children, most families are moderately sized with 1 or 2 kids but sometimes you see people with upwards of 3 or more.

The Ocean in the Jersey Shore is great because the waves are actually quite large, while I was there I encountered at least one 10-foot wave, the biggest wave I've ever been in! I got dragged under the water a bit and it really made me respect the power of the ocean more. I would love to bring down a boogieboard or a surfboard but I'm not sure if they allow surfing. If you want to use a boogieboard they make you go to specially flagged areas that regular swimmers are not allowed in.

There is one large Tiki Bar that extends all the way on to the beach, with palm trees that are a floruescent pink! I believe this is due to the Jersey Air and Water.

There are also very large cement structures that extend outward into the ocean that fisherman use. They sit or stand on large artifical rocks that are at the end of these platforms.

Lastly here are some pictures of me and Laine just smiling because it turned out to be a great day :)

I will update this post with more photos later, I didn't realize how many more things we should have taken photos of until I went to share the experience with all of you!


Around the World and Back Again :-)

Hi, I'm Danielle, 21 and I am from Birmingham, England but I currently live in North Wales, UK where I am studying at University. I have been fortunate enought to have had the opportunity to visit a huge amount of wonderful countries thanks to my parents and my own desire to see the entire planet.

I love travelling, there is certainly a beautiful world beyond our front door.

Instead of spamming up this whole community with pictures I will just list the places and add a couple of my favourite photos!


Firstly, a picture of where I currently live. The Snowdonia Mountain Range, North Wales, UK. (Im the one in the middle)


 As I live in the UK, Europe is pretty much on my doorstep. I have been all over France and Germany, cities including Paris, Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin and Nuremburg. I have also visited Austria (Vienna, Saltzburg and Melk), The Czech Republic (Prague), Turkey, (Istanbul), Hungary (Budapest), Belgium (Bruges and Brussels) and the beautiful Switzerland (Geneva and Montreux)

Here's a couple of pictures of Budapest :


One of us in Saltzburg :


I have plenty more pictures of various European towns if anyone would like to see them but for now that will do for Europe.

OK onto a new continent, Africa. I have had the almighty pleasure to visit Egypt, both Cairo, home to the Pyramids at Giza and Luxor home to the Valley of the Kings and The Temple of Karnak. Unfortunately, at the time I didn't own a digital camera and the photos I have are actual prints. I can asure you though, they are breathtaking places.

I have also visited Marrakesh, Morocco. A place I was wholly disappointed with.

I have also been to The United States!! (woo!) I have been to New York City and New Jersey as well as Toronto, Canada :

Me in New York (Obviously)

Niagara Falls and Us at Toronto Zoo.

And last but CERTAINLY not least I have also toured round India, visiting three main cities New Dehli, Jaipur and Agra. Without doubt India is the most magical, beautiful country I have so far had the pleasure of visiting. Some pictures of my trip below. 


And there you have it!

Next stop, the Far East! China, Japan and Thailand!